The Photo Enthusiasts' App

Moment App is one of my favourite photo apps, which I decided to redesign. It's simple to use as the built-in Camera app gives you better control over exposure and focus and can save your photos in highest quality possible - for better editing later.

Built by those clever folks that make the exceptional Moment lenses (to get the best quality images out of their glass) those without the lenses can use this free app to take higher quality images than the built-in Camera app can save.

The best feature is that you can tap the screen to focus or double tap to separate the focus and exposure circles. It’s the most logical way to get separate control over the two (so you can focus on one area while exposing for another).

The high-fidelity wireframes bellow show particular journey a user might take in order to reach his/her goal when using the app - from the welcoming screen, through the various setup camera requirements, to adding an item to shopping cart.